The Ten Illustrious Founders gave birth to a great concept: the idea that if we are going to be Brothers, let us be Brothers on the best terms that we know. If we are going to bind ourselves together let it be around something that is strong enough to hold us; if we are going to sing, let us sing about something that will have a lasting refrain; if we drink a toast, let it be of something beyond the trivial and the vulgar; let us exalt the theme of achievement. Reliance would be placed on upon high Christian ideals and the purpose of honorable achievement in every field of human endeavor. The Fraternity would seek to raise the sights of young black youths and stimulate them to accomplishments higher than might otherwise not be realized or even imagined.

"The Dreamer", born in Christian County, Kentucky.

Ezra Dee Alexander was a native of Bloomington, Indiana.

Dr. Byron Kenneth Armstrong, born in Westfield, Indiana.

Henry Tourner Asher was born in Woodburn, Kentucky.

Marcus Peter Blakemore, born in Franklin, Indiana.

Paul Waymond Caine was born in Greencastle, Indiana.

George Wesley Edmonds was born in Knight Township, Indiana.

Guy Levis Grant, born in New Albany, Indiana.

Edward Giles Irvin, born in Spencer, Indiana.

John Milton Lee, born in Danville, Indiana.