Chapter History

The Beginning

grock-founders-1989January 20, 1989, marked another milestone in the history of Kappa Alpha Psi. On this date another chapter was added to the long scroll of this great and noble clan. The Gaithersburg/Rockville (MD) Alumni Chapter was born. Born under the tutelage and guidance of 14 brothers dedicated to the ideals of Achievement.

These Noble Brothers being:

Larry Anthony Jon Tyrone Blue
Eugene V. B. Gottlieb Harry Hardin, Jr.*
Orlando H. Harris Tommy James, lll
William McLauren George Sherman*
E. Darryl Southard Thaddeus Steele
Vincent Taylor Michael Williams
John Wright* Rudy Winkfield

*Chapter Invisible:

The chartering ceremony, which preceded a black tie dinner, was presided over by then Eastern Province and new Grand Polemarch, Howard L. Tutman, Jr. This was the first alumni chapter that he had the honor of christening. Attendees included representatives from most of the alumni chapters in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area.

The Gaithersburg/Rockville (MD) Alumni Chapter had a unique start. The charter was formed in a matter of months. The first meeting to discuss establishing a chapter was held in July 1988, and the petition was submitted soon thereafter. The petition was approved by the Grand Board at their New Orleans meeting on November 5, 1988. The January chartering made the efforts complete and official

The charter members were not only active in other alumni chapters but also held several offices within their respective chapters. Several of the charter members also worked on the provincial level for the provinces they were affiliated with. Also, of the 14 charter brothers, five are charter members of other chapters.

The beginning of the Gaithersburg/Rockville (MD) Alumni Chapter was very diverse. The diversity has contributed greatly in the making of a small, but one of the Eastern Province’s most powerful chapters.

The Gaithersburg/Rockville (MD) Alumni Chapter is dedicated to “Keeping the Dream Alive.