Guide Right

Guide Right is a program of the educational and occupational guidance of youth, primarily inspirational and informative in character. The purposes of the Guide Right Service Program is to place the training experience and friendly interest of successful men at the disposal of youth needing inspiration and counsel regarding their choice of a life’s career, and to arouse the interest of the entire community in the problems of youth as they seek to realize lives of usefulness. The basic objectives of Guide Right may be summarized as follows:

Guide Right Meeting

  1. To help youth in selection of courses leading to vocations compatible with their aptitudes and personalities.
  2. To assist students while they are in training, to get started in employment, and to progress successfully in their chosen fields.
  3. To assist parents in the handling of their children by giving them opportunities to talk over their problems with those who know and are successful in their chosen vocations.
  4. To afford the less fortunate youths a respite from the drudgery of the streets, through sponsored entertainment and cultural enrichment.
  5. To inform youth of the values of higher education, of assistance available for continued educational pursuits, scholarships, loans, professional counseling, fellowships, etc., of various occupational and professional opportunities, and of the current labor demands and the trends on the (1) effect of these demands and trends on the labor market, supply rewards, etc. and (2) requirements for obtaining employment, i.e. personal, scholastic, economic.

Qualifications for New Membership

  • Must be between the ages of  8 -13 and live in the Gaithersburg - Rockville area
  • Students can join the program in 6th, 7th and 8th grade

Continuing Membership Requirements

  • Must attend and participate in community service projects and events
  • Must be willing to attend bimonthly meetings and tutoring sessions
  • Must adhere to the Code of Conduct

Guide Right is a G-Rock ΚΑΨ program, sponsored by the Kappa Youth & Community Foundation of Gaithersburg-Rockille, a 501 (c) (3) organization.

Guide Right Chairperson: Michael McPhatter