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Membership Training Academy

Membership Training Academy

Membership is a solemn commitment. To this Fraternity, the maker of the commitment becomes synonymous with the commitment itself. Membership in Kappa Alpha Psi is a lifelong dedication to the ideas and lofty purposes of Kappa Alpha Psi, which considers for membership only those aspirants whose personal, social, and academic qualifications are acceptable to both the College and Fraternity.

The Gaithersburg-Rockville (MD) Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. seeks professional, goal-oriented men who want to be a part of an organization that gives back to the community. The Chapter is predicated upon and dedicated to the principles of Achievement in every field of human endeavor.

The goal of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity is not the simple accumulation of members. Our emphasis is on the quality and integrity of membership.

We seek men who serve as positive, role models within our local communities and who can help accomplish the goals and objectives of the fraternity as contained in the Fraternity's constitution.

If you are ready, to join us as a new member, we welcome you. Complete the form below and our MTA Chairperson will reach out to you soon.

Reclamation - Membership

Welcome, Home to Kappa!

Reclamation is the process of reclaiming and restoring Brothers who have for some reason or another strayed away and became inactive. The Gaithersburg-Rockville (MD) Alumni Chapter prides itself in welcoming Brothers to become active members of our chapter.

Brother, if you have been financially inactive, you may reclaim your membership in good standing status by bringing your financial dues up-to-date as follows:

  1. Pay annual National dues of $150.00 plus applicable reactivation fee.
    • If inactive for 1-3 years, the reactivation fee is $5.00
    • If inactive for 4 or more years, the reactivation fee is $10.00
  2. If you haven’t paid your one-time housing assessment fee of $100.00, that is also due.

Please CLICK HERE to logon to the National online portal to make your payment using the following credentials:

Username: Your Membership ID Number
Password: Kappa1911

Don't Forget G-Rock!

Don't forget to complete the G-Rock reclamation application to notify our Reclamation Chairperson of your interest to become a member of G-Rock.

Membership Transfer

Membership Transfer

Now that you have relocated to our city and settled into your new job and home, this is a great time to make G-Rock your new Kappa home.