Polemarch Pedro Arguello

As brothers serving Montgomery County, Maryland we are active in working with our community and fostering the Bond between Kappa Men. I invite you to frequently visit our site as we regularly update it not only with announcements about events such as our Scholarship Banquet in May 2019 but to also inform you of our work in the community as we follow the example set forth by our Ten Illustrious Founders.

We will also be highlighting the work we are doing to build up the young men who are participating in our newly established Kappa League. This will not only be an exciting year for them but for G-Rock as well as we build a presence in the county.

For Brothers of our Noble Klan, I also invite you to not only attend our events but also come to a monthly Chapter meeting and reconnect with the Fraternity if you have been away. As we enter a Conclave year, there is no better time to get back into Kappa and there are no better Brothers to do that with, than G-Rock!

If there are any questions regarding events or you want more information about attending a meeting or membership, please do not hesitate to email us and we will promptly respond.

Again, thank you for visiting and we greatly appreciate your support in our endeavors.


Pedro Arguello