Gaithersburg-Rockville (MD) Alumni Chapter Gaithersburg-Rockville (MD) Alumni Chapter Gaithersburg-Rockville (MD) Alumni Chapter Gaithersburg-Rockville (MD) Alumni Chapter Gaithersburg-Rockville (MD) Alumni Chapter We have been serving and making a difference in the city of Gaithersburg-Rockville, Maryland and throughout Montgomery County are since 1989. Three Decades Of Achievement Gaithersburg-Rockville (MD) Alumni Chapter Membership Has Its Privileges LEARN MORE BECOME A MEMBER The Gaithersburg-Rockville (MD) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. seeks professional men who want to be a part of an organization that gives back to the community.

John Pulliam, PhD

Chapter Polemarch

It is with great pride that I, on behalf of the Gaithersburg-Rockville (MD) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. (G-ROCK), welcome you to explore our website links and landing pages. Through your review of our website, you will see how we are impacting the Gaithersburg and Rockville communities through our innovative events and service programs.

The G-ROCK chapter continues to serve as a beacon of brotherhood, service, and achievement for the Eastern Province and all of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Our efforts led to the Chapter’s crowning achievements; receiving the Eastern Province Chapter of the year 2nd place (2020 Small Chapter Award) and having our chapter Brother Byron Haugabook was also appointed as the Deputy Director of Technology for the Eastern Province.

Our chapter meets every second Saturday of the month at 10 am. If you are interested in attending a meeting please reach out using our reclamation link or email me personally.

Our Mission

The uniting of college men who share the common desire and disposition to live with other college men who share their values. These fraternal values that members bond around cover areas of "culture, patriotism, and honor."

Guide Right is a program of the educational and occupational guidance of youth, primarily inspirational and informative in character.

Kappa League provides both a challenging and rewarding experience, which richly enhances the lives of the young men in the program.

Local area students are awarded scholarships as a result of their academic success throughout their high school experience.

G-Rock joined forces with Walter Reed Bethesda Fisher House and the Army Ten-Miler to provide support to the military and their families.

The Eastern Province, as a defined region of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., traces its origin to 1925. Gaithersburg-Rockville (MD) Alumni Chapter is a member of the Eastern Province.

Kappa Alpha Psi® Fraternity, Inc. is a historically African American Greek-lettered fraternity -- founded on January 5, 1911, at Indiana University Bloomington.

The Founders

Kappa Alpha Psi, a college Fraternity, now comprised of functioning Undergraduate and Alumni Chapters on major campuses and in cities throughout the country, is the crystallization of a dream.  It is the beautiful realization of a vision shared commonly by the late Revered Founders Elder Watson Diggs; John Milton Lee; Byron K. Armstrong; Guy Levis Grant; Ezra D. Alexander; Henry T. Asher; Marcus P. Blakemore; Paul W. Caine; Edward G. Irvin and George W. Edmonds.

Elder Watson Diggs

Elder Watson Diggs


Byron Kenneth Armstrong

Byron Kenneth Armstrong


Ezra D. Alexander

Ezra D. Alexander


Chapter History

Charter Members

Larry Anthony, Jon Tyrone Blue, Eugene V. B. Gottlieb, Harry Hardin, Jr. Orlando H. Harris, Tommy James, lll, William McLauren, George Sherman, E. Darryl Southard, Thaddeus Steele, Vincent Taylor, Michael Williams, John Wright, and Rudy Winkfield.

January 20, 1989, marked another milestone in the history of Kappa Alpha Psi. On this date, another chapter was added to the long scroll of this great and noble clan. The Gaithersburg/Rockville (MD) Alumni Chapter was born. Born under the tutelage and guidance of 14 brothers dedicated to the ideals of Achievement. The chartering ceremony, which preceded a black-tie dinner, was presided over by the Eastern Province and new Grand Polemarch, Howard L. Tutman, Jr. This was the first alumni chapter that he had the honor of christening. Attendees included representatives from most of the alumni chapters in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area. The Gaithersburg/Rockville (MD) Alumni Chapter had a unique start. The charter was formed in a matter of months. The first meeting to discuss establishing a chapter was held in July 1988, and the petition was submitted soon thereafter. The petition was approved by the Grand Board at their New Orleans meeting on November 5, 1988. The January chartering made the efforts complete and official.

Membership Training Academy

Membership is a solemn commitment. To this Fraternity, the maker of the commitment becomes synonymous with the commitment itself. Membership in Kappa Alpha Psi is a lifelong dedication to the ideas and lofty purposes of Kappa Alpha Psi, which considers for membership only those aspirants whose personal, social, and academic qualifications are acceptable to both the College and Fraternity.

Membership Reclamation

Reclamation is the process of reclaiming and restoring Brothers who have for some reason or another strayed away and became inactive. The Gaithersburg-Rockville (MD) Alumni Chapter prides itself in welcoming Brothers to become active members of our chapter.

Membership Transfer

Now that you have relocated to our city and settled into your new job and home, this is a great time to make G-Rock your new Kappa home.

Kappa Youth & Community Foundation

The Kappa Youth & Community Foundation of Gaithersburg/Rockville (MD) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. the chapter’s nonprofit 501 (c) 3 program that provides book and tuition scholarships to deserving students and support to organizations in the Gaithersburg – Rockville community.

Make a difference for people who needs it the most!

Chapter Leadership

John Pulliam, PhD


Mu Omega Chapter
Spring 1999

Greg Goodwin

Vice - Polemarch

Eta Eta Chapter
Spring 1986

Michael Wilson

2nd Vice - Polemarch

Gaithersburg-Rockville (MD) Alumni Chapter
Spring 2018

The Benefit

To encourage honorable achievement in every field of human endeavor.

The Commitment

To promote the spiritual, social, intellectual, and moral welfare of its members.

The Cause

To inspire service in the public's interest.